About the Artist


Jeff Hansen with freshly made paper

With over 40 years of living in and exploring the Great Plains, Jeff Hansen of Topeka, KS has gained much knowledge of its flora. As a gardener, botanist, and naturalist he has immersed himself in the plants of the Great Plains. He has learned the many uses of our native flora - from more aesthetic uses such as gardening and landscaping to more utilitarian uses such as foods, medicinals, cordage, and paper making.


Jeff began making paper using recycled junk mail. Next he expanded the practice using plant fiber. The first plant he used was iris leaves from his garden. Years later he was re-introduced to making paper from various native plants by artist Betsy Roe. He began experimenting with various native plants. The results of his experimentation are some incredible plant fiber papers. The natural colors and textures make for an interesting variety of papers.

Jeff decided to start marketing the paper to the public and his works can be purchased at the Lawrence, KS farmers market and the Tallgrass National Preserve in Strong City, KS.

Besides making paper from native plants, Jeff also has a native plant nursery, does landscape design, and leads wildflower walks.