Papermaking Workshop

If you are interested in learning how to make paper from plants, I offer a workshop in Topeka, KS.

About the Class

People will work in teams of two, with each team processing a different plant fiber. The fiber is turned into paper pulp and sheets of paper are formed from it. The sheet is put into a paper drying press. It takes a day to dry the paper. Once dry, the paper is shipped to all workshop students. Each student will receive samples of all the kinds of paper we make. During our break we will go on a nature walk examining native plants.

Learn other techniques

Once you learn to make a sheets of paper, you will learn other techniques such as

  • Make larger sheets of paper (8 ½ x 11)
  • Laminate sheets
  • Embed items into the sheets
  • Emboss textures onto the sheets
  • Sculpt with paper pulp
  • Combine different plant fibers


Pre-registration is required. Use the Buy Now button to enroll in the class. If more than one person is enrolling, update the quantity. When you click the "Buy Now" button, a Paypal window will open. In this window you can purchase using a Paypal account or by credit/debit card or bank account. If paying by credit/debit card or bank account, look for the "Don't have a Paypal account?" and click continue.

Papermaking Workshop

3 enrolled, 5 vacancies

Saturday, July 12, 2014 @ 10am to 3pm

$35.00 - This includes All materials , Equipment use, Lunch, and Shipping finished paper


  1. Lecture
  2. Prepare plant fiber
  3. Cook plant fiber
  4. Nature walk in the woods
  5. Lunch
  6. Process fiber
  7. Form sheets of paper


Karlyle Woods at 3440 NW Button Rd, Topeka, KS. We will be working in the white lab building west of the house. It has heat and air conditioning. The woods are native oak/hickory woods.

Class Size

minimum of 4, maximum of 8.

Class Length

The process from start to finish takes approximately 5 hours


All plant fiber and equipment is provided


The Kansas Native Plant Society is a sponsor of this class. You are encouraged to become a member if you are not already.