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I've included links to purchase some of my favorite books on landscaping with native plants.

Bringing Nature Home

Everyone should own this book as it really explains the relationships between plants and insects and all life that depend upon them.

Native Trees for North American Landscapes

A book that is great for determining native trees to add to your landscape.


Native Plants of the Midwest

The "Go To" book for selecting plants for your midwest landscape.


Midwestern Native Shrubs and Trees

Good book to help determine native replacements for non-native trees/shrubs.


The Midwestern Native Garden

Good book for selecting native plants for a site.



About Services

Do you need assistance with landscaping with native plants, learning what plants you have on your property, need an expert to lead a wildflower tour, or need a presentation on native plants?

Consider the services I provide.

Property evaluation

  • Whether you have a small urban yard or you have a large rural property, the plants that exist on the site will be inventoried.
  • Additions to improve your property will be proposed, such as adding a bed of native wildflowers to planting a hedge of native shrubs.
  • A determination will be made as to what plants should be removed from your property because of their invasive nature.
  • Learn more about a property evaluation

Guided Walks


  • Present a slide show to your group on on native plants, wildflowers, butterflies, and other topics
  • Learn about different types of gardens such as prairie, woodland, and water gardens.
  • Learn how to attract different kinds of wildlife with native plants.
  • Learn more about a landscaping class

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