About Services

Do you need assistance with landscaping with native plants, learning what plants you have on your property, need an expert to lead a wildflower tour, or need a presentation on native plants?

Consider the services I provide.

Property evaluation

  • Whether you have a small urban yard or you have a large rural property, the plants that exist on the site will be inventoried.
  • Additions to improve your property will be proposed, such as adding a bed of native wildflowers to planting a hedge of native shrubs.
  • A determination will be made as to what plants should be removed from your property because of their invasive nature.
  • Learn more about a property evaluation

Guided Walks


  • Present a slide show to your group on on native plants, wildflowers, butterflies, and other topics
  • Learn about different types of gardens such as prairie, woodland, and water gardens.
  • Learn how to attract different kinds of wildlife with native plants.
  • Learn more about a landscaping class