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Yellow Giant Hyssop | Agastache nepetoides

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Plant Species Synonym Names

Common: Catnip Giant Hyssop


Mint - Lamiaceae


Yellow Giant Hyssop

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This is a good specimen plant for shade or part shade. I've seen it get 8 feet tall, if growing in moist rich soil. Being a mint, it's very good at attracting various pollinators like bees. It has square stems and its flowering form is such that it branches out and up to form a candelabra shape. It has interesting form in the winter as it turns a deep brown. The plants are very sturdy and don't flop over. The flowers are white to cream in color.


Growth Habit:Herb: Herbs are broad-leaved, herbaceous (non-woody) plant. Herbaceous plants are also known as forbs or wildflowers
Grass: Grasses are herbaceous plants with narrow leaves originating at the base of the plant. Grasses are graminoids.
Tree: Trees are woody perennial plants, usually with a single trunk, relatively tall
Shrub: Shrubs are woody perennial plants with multiple stems, generally shorter than a tree.
Vine: Vines are either woody or herbaceous plants that climb or sprawl.

Life Span:Annual: Annuals are herbaceous plants that live only one year
Biennial: Biennials are herbaceous plants that live two years, flowering the second
Perennial: Perennials are herbaceous plants that live three or more years
Woody: Woody plants have woody stems that grow more than a year.

Mature Height: 6.0'

Mature Width: 3.0'

Flower Color: Yellow

Sun Requirement:Full Sun: direct sun 8 or more hours of the day
Part Sun: direct sun 4 to 8 hours of the day; about half a day of sun
Shade: direct sun 0 to 4 hours of the day
Part Sun to Full Sun

Water Requirement:Wet: Soil is soggy or marshy
Moist: Soil tends to stay moist and rarely dries out
Medium: Average soil moisture, little or now slope
Drained: Soil is well drained, never soggy; medium slope
Dry: Soil is dry, often typical of rocky soil; steep slope
Wet to Moist

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