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About the Guide

The plants in this guide are found in northeast Kansas. It includes both native plants and introduced plants. Native plants are those that were found in Kansas before it was settled by Europeans. Introduced plants are those that have come from other continents and even other parts of North America.

The guide include growth characteristics as well as images of the plants.

The guide uses a Searchable Plant Database.

Plant Images

The images include pictures of the following:

  • single simple flowers and a group of flowers that form an inflorescense
  • leaves, one of the most useful part of the plant used for identification
  • stems of herbaceous plants & twigs, trunks, and bark of woody plants
  • fruits, such as pods, nuts, and berries

Plant Characteristics

Characteristics include the following:

  • average mature plant height
  • average mature plant width
  • upto two flower colors per plant
  • months when plants bloom
  • moisture requirments
  • sun requirements.
  • native status
  • invasive status
  • landscape status