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For those interested in learning about making paper from plants I've include links to my favorite books on the subject.

The Papermaker's Companion

Great reference book to learn the basics on papermaking.


Papermaking with Garden Plants and Common Weeds

THE reference book to learn the art of making paper from plant fiber.


The Art of Papermaking with Plants

Another reference book on using plants for papermaking

Papermaking: The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft

A book on the complete history of papermaking.


The Classic Paper Making Kit by Wooden Deckle

Papermaking deckle & mold in the perfect size of 5" x 7" for hand papermaking

Customer Testimonials

Papermaking Workshop

  • Just wanted to thanks for the cool paper making class and plant walk. You are a wonderful teacher! Very down to earth and fun. Yet very intelligent! Pam and I had a blast! Dan Ives, Ellsworth KS
  • Jeff, thank you so much!  I got the paper yesterday and was so excited!  It turned out beautiful.  I sure want to do it again, under your supervision.  You are a terrific teacher. BV, Kansas City MO
  • Thank you so much for a memorable day and the insight into papermaking.  The walk through the woods was a bonus, and the impromptu exchange with Rosemary Menninger a double-bonus!  I love my papers and hope Nancy, Ann and I can get it together enough to offer a UFM class here in Manhattan sometime within the foreseeable future.  We'll let you know if we need to purchase supplies.  We'll all have to call upon our courage if we're to do this...  but it might be fun. KH, Manhattan, KS
  • The day in the woods making paper from Kansas plants was wonderful. I am still feeling the excitement of dropping the cooked pulp off the screen and seeing the amazing result. I haven't figured it out yet, but I am hoping I can create a small decoration out of the assortments of paper for each place setting at my Thanksgiving table.CL, Topeka, KS


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