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I've included links to purchase some of my favorite books on landscaping with native plants.

Bringing Nature Home

Everyone should own this book as it really explains the relationships between plants and insects and all life that depend upon them.

Native Trees for North American Landscapes

A book that is great for determining native trees to add to your landscape.


Native Plants of the Midwest

The "Go To" book for selecting plants for your midwest landscape.


Midwestern Native Shrubs and Trees

Good book to help determine native replacements for non-native trees/shrubs.


The Midwestern Native Garden

Good book for selecting native plants for a site.

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Yard Birds

About Yard Birds

These are of birds in my yard in Topeka, Kansas or Mitchell, South Dakota. The birds come partly because of the habitat found in my yards such as trees, shrubs, grasses, and wildflowers. These plant provide shelter and food.

Additionally I've supplied nest boxes to attract cavity nesting birds.

Furthermore supplying supplemental food in the winter attracts more birds to my yard.

Bird and Native Plants

More birds are attracted to my yard because of the native plants found there. These plants attract butterflies & other insects. The insects attract the birds. Almost all backyard birds raise their young on insects. Without insects few bird species could raise their young. Without birds reproducing there would be few birds.

Most birds are insectivores and insects need plants to survive. The native plants provide excellent feeding opportunities for birds searching out insects including insect larva like caterpillars.

BackYard Birds

These are birds that I've had feeding in my yard or nesting in my yard.

Birds of Prey

These birds are predators.

  • Cooper's hawk often come to my yard because of all of the birds found feeding at my feeders
Nesting in Nest Boxes

These birds have nested in my nest boxes.

Roosting in Nest Boxes

These birds sometimes roost in nest boxes

Feeder Birds

These birds are attracted to my feeders or plants

Invasive Bird Species

These species compete with our native birds and should be eliminated.

Video Playlist of Backyard Birds

I've compiled some Youtube playlists of birds nesting and feeding in my backyard.

Northern Flicker Woodpeckers

Red-headed Woodpeckers

Great-crested Flycatchers

Eastern Bluebirds

Carolina Wrens

House Wrens


Birds at Suet Feeders

All Yard Birds

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