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I've included links to purchase some of my favorite books on landscaping with native plants.

Bringing Nature Home

Everyone should own this book as it really explains the relationships between plants and insects and all life that depend upon them.

Native Trees for North American Landscapes

A book that is great for determining native trees to add to your landscape.


Native Plants of the Midwest

The "Go To" book for selecting plants for your midwest landscape.


Midwestern Native Shrubs and Trees

Good book to help determine native replacements for non-native trees/shrubs.


The Midwestern Native Garden

Good book for selecting native plants for a site.


About Birds

The following topics are covered concerning backyard birds.

Cavity Nesting Birds

Learn about birds that nest in cavities.

  • Cavity Nesting Birds describes birds that nest in bird houses/nest boxes, natural cavities, or cavities they excavate.

Feeding Birds

Learn about feeding birds.

  • Homemade Suet has a recipe for making your own suet to feed a variety of birds

Nest Boxes

A nest box (birdhouse) can sometimes replicate a natural cavity.

  • Nest Box Design describes nest boxes for each species of cavity nester as well as construction of nest boxes
  • Nest Box Mounting describes methods of placing nestboxes to make them predator proof and easy to monitor
  • Nest Box Monitoring describes the methods and importance of monitoring your nesting birds
  • Nest Box Trap describes methods used to trap introduced house sparrows and European starlings that compete with our native birds

Invasive Birds

Lean about these two invasive birds that compete with native birds and methods of controlling them.

Birds in my Yard

A variety of birds are attracted to my yard because of the habitat and feeders, nestboxes, native plants, and pond.

  • Yard Birds describes birds that nest or feed in my yard and has videos of the birds
Birds of Prey

These birds are predators.

  • Cooper's hawk often come to my yard because of all of the birds found feeding at my feeders
Nesting in Nest Boxes

These birds have nested in my nest boxes.

Roosting in Nest Boxes

These birds sometimes roost in nest boxes

Feeder Birds

These birds are attracted to my feeders or plants

Invasive Bird Species

These species compete with our native birds and should be eliminated.


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