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I first created this site back in 1998 to document the wild plants that I encountered.  But it has grown into a clearinghouse of information on landscaping, backyard birds, butterfly gardening, plant identification and making paper from plant fiber. After leaving Kansas, I thought of deleting the site. But realize it has a wealth of information that people rely upon.

Hosting the site is involved. I’d like to thank those who have donated to help defray the web site hosting fees.  If you would like to contribute, please click the Donate button. Thank you.

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Yard Wildlife, Other Animals

Photo Gallery

All of these photos are of animals other than birds, butterflies, and other insects that have been attracted to my yard. Planting a variety of different plants from different plant families will create a diverse habitat for wildlife.

American bullfrog surrounded by duckweed

American bullfrog on rock at edge of pond

American Toad at edge of pond

baby american toad

baby american toad

american toad tadpoles

Eastern Cottontail rabbit

Eastern fox squirrel

fighting Italian wall lizards

baby painted turtle

baby painted turlle next to quarter for size comparison

northern raccoon

Virginia oppossum

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