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I first created this site back in 1998 to document the wild plants that I encountered.  But it has grown into a clearinghouse of information on landscaping, backyard birds, butterfly gardening, plant identification and making paper from plant fiber. After leaving Kansas, I thought of deleting the site. But realize it has a wealth of information that people rely upon.

Hosting the site is involved. I’d like to thank those who have donated to help defray the web site hosting fees.  If you would like to contribute, please click the Donate button. Thank you.

Questions & Answers

What is a native plant compared to an introduced plant?

A native plant is a plant that is indigenous to a geographic area. An introduced (alien or non-native) plant is not indigenous in an area. Read more about how native plants are defined.

What are some reasons that native plants should be used in our landscapes?

There are many reasons to use native plants. They save us money and time. They are good for the environment. Read the reasons to use native plants.

How do I grow plants from seed?

If growing them from seeds, most have to go through a process known as stratification. This is the process that seeds go through in the winter. The freezing and thawing breaks the dormancy of the seeds and they will germinate. Some seeds need scarification as well. This is the process of scratching the seed coat to break the dormancy.Therefore you cant just plant the seeds in the spring and expect them to germinate. Fall is the best time to plant most wildflower seeds, so that they germinate in the spring. Read more about growing plants from seed.

Why get plants and seeds from Kansas Native Plants?

I not longer sell plants and seeds from Kansas.

My plants are all "local eco-type" plants. This means the plants are native to this local region. Compared to plants from other regions, which would be a different eco-type and not as adapted to our local conditions. All my plants were propagated from plants found growing in native habitats around Topeka, Kansas. The original seed came from Shawnee, Waubaunsee, Jackson, Jefferson, Douglas, Osage, and Pottawatomie counties of Kansas.

Do you ship plants?

No, I do not ship plants, but you can purchase plants from me at the Lawrence Farmers Market and the Topeka Library Market.

Can I get plants from local nurseries?

Most native plants are not available at nurseries. If they are supplied, they may not be local natives. Nursery plants are sometimes "cultivars". This means they have been bred for specific characteristics - basically they are a domesticated form of the wild plant.

Why not just get my own plants from the wild?

  • Most wont survive transplanting because of their deep roots.
  • It is difficult to find many species in the wild.
  • By digging plants from the wild, you are destroying their environment and populations.
  • It's often illegal to collect plants from public lands.

What Organizations promote Landscaping with Native Plants?

Guides to Landscaping

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