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I first created this site back in 1998 to document the wild plants that I encountered.  But it has grown into a clearinghouse of information on landscaping, backyard birds, butterfly gardening, plant identification and making paper from plant fiber. After leaving Kansas, I thought of deleting the site. But realize it has a wealth of information that people rely upon.

Hosting the site is involved. I’d like to thank those who have donated to help defray the web site hosting fees.  If you would like to contribute, please click the Donate button. Thank you.

ID Guide Plant Lists

Use these quicklinks to browse the groups of plants. A list of plants is provided that meet each definition.

Woody plants

These are plants that always produce woody above ground growth. They are our trees, shrubs and woody vines.

  • Trees Trees are woody perennial plants, usually with a single trunk, relatively tall
  • Shrubs Shrubs are woody perennial plants with multiple stems, generally shorter than a tree.
  • Vines Vines are either woody or herbaceous plants that climb or sprawl.

Herbaceous plants

These are plants that only produce herbaceous above ground growth. Forbs are herbaceous non-grass-like plants. Generally they are considered broadleaf plants.

  • Grasses and Grass-like Grasses are herbaceous plants with narrow leaves originating at the base of the plant. Grasses are graminoids.
  • Perennial Forbs Perennials are herbaceous plants that live three or more years
  • Biennial Forbs Biennials are herbaceous plants that live two years, flowering the second
  • Annual Forbs Annuals are herbaceous plants that live only one year

Special Plant Lists

Trees and Srubs
Grasses and Grass-like Plants
Herbaceous Wildflowers

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